The Top 5 Lessons Needed For Making Reborn Dolls

The top sellers on eBay are not necessarily the top reborn artists.The top sellers are the best marketers and the artists that approach their business from a professional stand point and have the organisational skills to make reborning a real money making venture.

One of the fundamentals to making a hobby into a career is organization. Having the luxury of a hobby means that you can pull it out whenever you want and put it away for as long as you want.

Being one of the people with the ability to be paid doing what you love is really exciting.

It is this jump between hobby and career that can be difficult. Here are our 5 top tips to getting organized.

1. Time Management is very important, as time is the only thing we cannot get back. To utilize your work day always keep a “to do list” handy. Splitting your time into time slots can help you move from job to job without being absorbed in one job. Try doing the hardest jobs on your “to do list” first thing in the morning. They are then out of the way and make you feel productive and in control. Another idea is to make more than one doll at a time – a mini ‘production line’. This is a good way to save time on setting up paints or photographic equipment, etc as it takes just as long to set up for one task as it does for several.

2. Keep your files safe. On your computer open a reborn resource file. The sourcing of products is one of the reborn artists most frustrating chores. Once you find a product you like on a certain website, copy the URL ( http://www…) at the top of the page and keep it in a ‘resource file’ so you can easily find it again. You do this by simply going to the page on the website you are visiting to reach the item you want. Look up at the control bar at the top of that page and make sure it is a variation of the ‘Home Page’ URL. To quickly and easily find your way back to a certain item simply copy and paste the URL at the top of the page to your own private file.

3. Keep records of money spent on each doll – this includes your time. If you are serious about selling your dolls, you need to know what they have cost you in time and cash. Your profit margin is on top of these costs. Keeping records can be as simple as an exercise book ledger or as complicated as a complex computer database. Always keep up to date no matter which you choose. Including your hours is essential – how much you want to be paid for your time is entirely up to you. The important thing is in your business is that you are paid.

4. Keep family and work separate. Household chores can easily side track you, as a professional do not let this happen, work time is work time,. It is easy to decide to take a break and complete a household chore to make things easier for later but you must always remember you are at work and work is what you must concentrate on. Make sure your family realize that you are working during the hours you want and that they may need to step up to help you reach your dream.

5. Keep educating yourself on both reborning techniques and business strategies. Turning a passion into a business reality means staying on top of the latest tools and techniques associated with running your venture. For example, if you are ready to sell on eBay then get to know eBay. Open an account; buy from other sellers to learn the buying process and go to ‘eBay University’ at to understand the selling process.

We hope you have found these tips helpful and wish you all the best in turning your hobby into a successful and rewarding career. Fran and Nicola

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