Realistic Baby Dolls

Little girls always dream of their dolls turning into a real life person. The magic and mystic behind having a doll at a young age is beyond breathtaking. To see a person have so much joy from a simple item is amazing. The magic comes from the sense of being with another human being that doesn’t talk but still have all the same features. Oftentimes, children feel misunderstood as they can not express their feelings much like a doll. However, this magical experience is amplified even more when a doll looks real.

Normal dolls that are purchased within a store are extremely fake. These plastic dolls are not lifelike at all. They are merely bundles of plastic that do not have an ounce of emotion on their fake faces. They are as lifelike as a wax statue that is meant to stay in one place for the duration of its use. Now, however, realistic baby dolls can be purchased or made specifically for a person. This is done by using the services of an artist that creates each and every doll by hand. That is right, many of these dolls are not made in large warehouses. It means that each one also comes with the true love of the creator.

These dolls are approximately the same weight as a real child. This provides the feel of carrying around a real baby. A perfect weight makes a child feel as if their dolls are even more real than any other doll they own. Everyone that has ever owned a doll will know that they do not feel or seem to weigh anything like a real human baby. This is just the start of making these dolls seem real. People are always happy when the weight is mentioned, but this is not something that truly makes a doll feel alive.

There are certain dolls that are created with the actual rhythm of a heart and have their chest expand as if they are breathing. This gives the doll its own feel of truly being alive. The nose of these dolls will have their nostrils wide open much like a human does, hair that feels real and they even have fingernails. Every last detail of what makes a baby real has been included. They often have glass eyes as well which gives them that real feel that plastic takes away. Many artists even go as far as painting on veins to produce a truly real look.

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